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This is a random event chart for gaming when the adventurers sleep. It's a work in progress, and suggestions are welcomed.

1. Everyone awakens to a huge pack of feral dogs poised to attack.
2. The PCs wake up falling into a sinkhole. They must make saves to avoid damage as they fall to the floor of a huge vault.
3. A tall wooden stake stands at the edge of camp, an old bag covering the
4. The PCs are taken to the past by a powerful dream lich just before an important event.
5. A foreign herald bearing a sealed pouch has crawled into camp and died of his wounds.
6. The camp is awakened by humanoid savages bowing to a PC as the “Chosen One.”
7. The party rests near/in a shrine that induces good dreams and triples healing.
8. The wizard dreams of speaking to a primordial god, waking with a strange new spell.
9. One or more PCs awaken to find a vampire. He needs them to recover a holy item he cannot touch.
10. A PC sleeps uncomfortably on a crystal fetish that manifests thoughts into reality.
11. The PCs dream they are on an important mission in an alternate timeline.
12. Celestial alignment! Potent spells, an open star gate, fey creatures abroad.
13. Several ghosts attempt to possess the party to fulfill a pledge.
14. A random PC sleepwalks to an old blackened tree and begins digging.
15. The party is abducted into a flying island city high above the realm.
16. An escaped slave hides in camp to rest.
17. A fickle flying witch finds the party and toys with them.
18. A random PC wakes up to pee when they spot a skulking figure hiding something.
19. Something important has been stolen in the night.
20. A PC awakes with an epiphany, working out something previously missed.
21. The PCs awake to a spray of pollen ejected from flowers blooming in the moonlight.
22. The party is awakened by an undead bard playing bagpipes.
23. A carpet of insects carries the party to the pantry of a dark maiden’s palace.
24. A PC has a prophetic dream, able to bypass or greatly influence a future event.
25. The party sleeps beside a deep lake where a hideous demigod is imprisoned.
26. The PCs are clubbed and abducted by humanoids for a subterranean gladiator match.
27. An ill looking traveler asks for help. If anyone gets close, she bites them and dies.
28. A PC dreams of an alien smith who crafts any item they choose, awakening with it.
29. The party awakens to the centennial migration of thousands of luminous song beetles.
30. A traveler offers a drug allowing humans to increase perceptions and see in the dark.
31. A psionic fungal colony gives the PCs a dream quest as it slowly consumes them.
32. It begins to snow. If it doesn’t snow in the region, it rains weird blue goo.
33. A strange sky craft breaks up, starting fires but leaving valuable metal behind.
34. A vagabond with a hundred tales entertains, increases knowledge – and picks pockets.
35. An ancient cult stone allows one to astrally project and use psychometry while asleep.
36. In a powerful satori dream, the PC has puzzled out a secret of reality.
37. A PC discovers a flask atlatl inside a hidden equipment cache within their campsite, along with a symbol key denoting similar caches in other camps and even dungeons.
38. The PCs find an old fort ruin of heat-fused stones for a safe, wind-shrouded camp.
39. An aging orc wants to die in combat and challenges a PC to a duel.
40. An astrally projecting alien sorcerer asks to copy a PC’s thoughts and dreams in exchange for a new skill of their choice.
41. The PCs have pitched camp in a nest of overlarge biting ants (roll to see how large).
42. A succubus rouses a male PC, asking to exchange his seed for a powerful secret.
43. A celestial animal witnessed a good deed by the party, guarding them for 1-3 nights.
44. A doppelganger kills an NPC and takes their place.
45. Someone in the party is wakened by buzzing noises, experiencing sleep paralysis.
46. Stampede! A low rumbling warns the PCs to dodge for cover or run for their lives. Mounts flee and 1D4 objects are lost. (Drunken drovers optional).
47. An elder animal chooses to sleep here. Tales say they are good luck and sagely wise.
48. A grimy slithering cloud settles on the party - with something moving around inside!
49. A PC wakes to see a bejeweled sorcerer in a black palanquin carried by ghouls.
50. A group of painted doxies has been assaulted by a monster and need protection.
51. A diabolical cat rests on a PC’s chest to steal their breath.
52. A pack of unidentifiable varmints appears to plunder food and nip at heels.
53. Villagers take part in a raucous pagan revel within a ruin nearby.
54. An elemental sand weird manifests in camp (or from the firebox if indoors).
55. During the night, PCs levitate, hear noises, and see objects move.
56. Lightning strikes the camp. Roll randomly to see where it hits for 1D100 damage.
57. A corpulent batrachian demon tries to swallow the PCs and disgorge them at the foot of its master.
58. The PCs are sleeping within a huge runic square. But why is it there?
59. An unidentifiable tree is growing here. During the night, a fragrant purple fruit grows. Anyone smelling this fruit must save or eat it, gaining its knowledge and power.
60. Some feral beast howls from the brambles nearby, wounded and in pain.
61. The adventurers rest on taboo ground. Superstitious locals won’t deal with them until they are “cleansed” (GM interpretation).
62. A cold creeping fog settles over the land, obscuring everything.
63. A gnoll band approaches with an offer to join forces to fight a greater evil.
64. The party’s minds are transported into alien life forms to help a dying race.
65. A secret door is found, leading to the underground redoubt of an infamous outlaw.
66. A flying monster suddenly grabs one of the party and flies swiftly into the night.
67. A PC triggers a trap door – is it made by man or monster, a portal, or something else?
68. The party settles behind a defensive bramble thicket against a cliff – not realizing it’s a deadly vampire thorn! The valuables of past victims lies beneath its roots.
69. The party rests near a refreshing pool with fish - and a strange object at the bottom…
70. One of the PCs finds 1D10 ancient coins in the sand. Are there more?
71. Bloodsucking insects infest the camp – some which earlier bit a were-creature!
72. A faerie ring of 3’ toadstools springs up around the party during the night. Anyone touching them is drugged with a transdermal psychoactive powder.
73. This locale is an anomalous cold spot, dropping the temperature 1D100 degrees.
74. Movement from the party has disturbed a hidden urn and tipped it over…
75. Someone spots lanterns moving around in the distance.
76. A PC wakes with a leathery symbiote attached. In return for blood, it grants abilities.
77. A necromancer with an enormous zombie porter asks to share the camp in truce.
78. An unseemly oracle statue offers its services when fed with a temporary ability drain.
79. The PCs are caught in a time bubble. They interact with achronological events and keep returning here until they solve a conundrum or a certain amount of time elapses.
80. Same as 79 except one or more anachronous predators jump out and attacks - e.g. a creodont, a flock of primitive toothed birds, etc.
81. The party is harassed by mischievous dark faeries with spells and glamor.
82. One of the party spots sheet music to a lively new galliard snagged on a bush.
83. A gleaming silver orb hovers around the PCs, interacting via reflections.
84. When the PCs awake, each bears a different symbol raised on their flesh.
85. The PCs camp beside an ancient oak where many criminals have been hung.
86. One of the PCs finds a well balanced axe. It is possessed by a berserker spirit.
87. A celestial visits the most unscrupulous PC to take them to the afterlife. They must convince her that they are worth keeping alive.
88. A half-breed root woman offers to heal aches and ills and remove bad luck.
89. Passing merchants warn PCs this place is haunted by the dread Black Temple Ape.
90. A sharp-eyed old fisherman sits close by. Some say he’s very wise, others crazy!
91. A forgotten bottle of excellent brandy glints from the underbrush.
92. Traveling musicians entertain the party - tripling chances for wandering monsters.
93. A daring hungry bear wanders into camp, trying to steal a backpack if it isn’t fed.
94. The PCs camp beside several travelers. Suddenly, werewolves!
95. Giant walking catfish attack in the night, attempting to drown and eat the PCs.
96. The PCs rest near a cliff-side cave holding the Obelisk of the Whispering Face. It is said that one must show both will and humility by climbing to get there.
97. A PC is bit by a poisonous spider, causing dangerous fever and a hallucinogenic dream quest. Success means survival and the spider is their totemic spirit.
98. The party is camped near a haunted marsh. Waters rise, as do the undead beneath…
99. A PC stumbles on an outlawed secret society gathering, exposing the involvement of the entire populace. They must save to hide or be hunted ruthlessly – by everyone!
100. A radiant deity appears, inspiring awe in any mortal present.
Edit: 100 entries! Thanks to :iconmistgod: for participating.

Like the cosmic zero wherein all things are possible, suggestions remain open.

For my D&D game....and beyond!

This idea was originated by :iconhighpriestsatanis:

I've seen his and one other one, the original idea being that each person does 20 until 100 were reached for a percentile chart. I've done 40 because I'm having fun with this.

The idea is for you the viewer to suggest some in the comments section, and I'll build a chart from it.

So read these and let's hear yours! If they're good enough I may buy you a subscription. :)
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HighPriestSatanis Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014
What name do you want me to use for crediting you?
RedInkRising Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014
Dammit! Saw this too late. I will add one anyway:

The PCs have unwittingly camped near a weird energy source. They must save or gain one mutation.
OctopusGames Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014
Better late than never. Good one. :)
HighPriestSatanis Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014
What name do you want to be credited as?
OctopusGames Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014
Hey there. Scott Charlton. Thanks.  Am i still going to get a behind the scenes look at its purple majesty? :)

BTW, your VSD6 mechanic looks interesting, haven't gotten a chance to try it yet.  Happy (belated) GM's Day.

HighPriestSatanis Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013
Nice.  Thanks!

ShelTheDreamer Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Some of these sound familiar.  Have you been talking with :iconmistgod: ?  The flying witch was a hideous swamp hag who was supposed to be a recurring villain, who was incredibly annoying for a couple of levels.  Then she failed a save...
Mistgod Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Variations of a awesome theme!  A flying witch could come from any number of stories and myths!  :iconoctopusgames: Still, as an incredibly creative and devious mind!  That witch will have something different up her sleeve no doubt! 
OctopusGames Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013
Absolutely, plenty out there to go on. Give me another sleep encounter!
Mistgod Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The PCs have pitched camp on an ants nest.  Big, big, BIG ants! 
OctopusGames Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013
Good one, simple but sweet.
Mistgod Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It can happen to anyone really, don't blame the ranger. 
OctopusGames Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013
I have been talking with him, but not about this.  The witch was off the top of my head, and loosely based off some real life witches I've had the misfortune of knowing recently (funny you mention swamp, because I called one a swamp witch not two days ago. That slanderous reference is taken from this:…

But seriously, the original idea and impetus for me came from here:…
There's a link there to another such list on Tobie Abad's (very cool) gaming blog as well.

Please feel free to add some new ones.
ShelTheDreamer Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This reminds me of a list I made up for our Gauntlet of Doom campaign: 100 Little Annoyances. It was a list of small random events meant to irk the PCs but not hurt them. A pack rat steals a trinket. A PC has a sneezing fit. Some of the bread goes moldy. You just notice about 10 of your gold pieces are really counterfeit. That sort of stuff.
OctopusGames Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013
:) Yeah, sometimes a simple encounter can kick off much more, depending. Played right they nearly always add to the game.
HighPriestSatanis Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013
I linked back to your list here in my original post:…

Would you be ok if I used some of yours in mod#2 to create a d100 list?  I'd give you credit.

OctopusGames Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013
Cool, thank you.

Absolutely. The best part about multiple lists is GMs can cherry pick the best for their own list.
HighPriestSatanis Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013
I never got back to it, but still a cool idea.  Might include 100 ideas in module #2.

I think #31 is my favorite.

OctopusGames Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013
Cool. I've gotten a few more today, add them to the list.

Yeah, the psionic fungus, go figure. :)
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